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At ESTsoft, we believe that AI makes the world more convenient and safer. Making our lives prosperous with the development of AI technology that can be applied to our daily lives right now, is the direction ESTsoft pursues.

AI Persona

A Digital Human with a Virtual Appearance and Identity

AI Persona with virtual identity can be freely created and can be used anywhere in the virtual world without a portrait right. It can be used for various businesses such as idols, influencers, models, and news anchors/hosts.

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AI Clone

A Digital Human that Reproduces the Appearance, Voice, and Identity of a Real Person

AI Clones, created by deep learning images of real people, clone not only the person’s tone, intonation, and voice, but also the facial expressions of the speaker. AI clones are made to be AI news reporters, anchors, and instructors, available for immediate use.

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Virtual Fitting

Innovate Eyewear Shopping Experience with Virtual Fitting Technology

With ESTsoft’s unique virtual fitting technology, combined with AI vision and AR technology, you can freely try on eyewear that suits you the best without time and space restrictions. We provide an innovative service that analyzes the shape of your face and recommends the best eyewear for you.

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AI Human Lab

Practical Artificial Intelligence Service Available to You Now

ESTsoft pursues to make AI technology that can be applied directly to our daily lives.

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